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The Bowhunting Ritual

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Every hunter, regardless of the game or season that draws them to the field, engages in some type of preparation for their pursuit. Whether its habitat work, scouting, gathering gear, or practicing the shot, if you’re committed to the hunt, you do it. As the season nears, anticipation intensifies, and the planning becomes meticulous. This is particularly true of bowhunters, as attention to detail can make all the difference in such an unforgiving contest. We check and re-check each component of our bow. Every arrow must be flying perfectly. We study trail camera photos as if it were the most important test of our life. We throw a tantrum if a candle is lit anywhere near our camo. For veteran hunters, this process becomes an annual ritual.

242 days pass between the last day of bow season and the next opening day.

8 months of preparation, planning, and target practice.

Burning, mowing, spraying, planting.

Analyzing endless trail cam photos.

Scouting for that perfect stand setup.

Shot after shot aiming for that perfect group.

Finally, the predawn light of opening morning creeps over the trees, and the sound of a twig snap means it’s all coming together…

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