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A Season to Remember

This duck season will always hold a special place in our memory. We were fortunate to share the duck holes at Cottonwood with some great folks, old friends and new. There’s something indefinable about sharing those first rays of sunlight with someone, standing in knee deep icy water, feeling the collective anticipation of whistling wings as tangibly as the chill on your face. It creates a bond that can’t be forged any other way, and we’ll always hold dear the guests we welcomed this season. We revealed a great deal of the mystery this property holds, marveled at its grandeur, and are eager to delve even deeper into its magic. We’ll continually learn how best to nurture this habitat, and the abundance of wildlife that dwells here. We hope you’ll continue to follow along with us on this journey, as we create even more opportunities for people to connect with nature and each other at Cottonwood.


A glimpse into the Cottonwood experience.


Reflections of a season to remember.


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