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The Nature’s Eye Showcase Farm is a wilderness paradise, and the premier choice for your next nature based experience. Whether you are pursuing a trophy White-tailed buck or the majestic exotic Axis, you will find worthy animals on the Showcase Farm. Our custom Hunting Experience is an elite outfitting package ensuring that your time with us is more than just the shooting of an animal. You will experience the thrill of the pursuit, the camaraderie of the hunt, and the comforts of camp. Your time on the Farm will be an immersive experience, where you will be surrounded by a pristine natural landscape.

The Showcase Farm is a unique East Texas ecosystem, offering a diversity of habitat, and thus a great diversity of wildlife. The property has been in the same family since 1926. Generations of land stewardship and conservation efforts have led to the evolution of the property into a showcase for the habitat management and development possible through Nature’s Eye Consulting and Nature’s Eye Signature Properties. For decades, Nature’s Eye has carefully nurtured and cultivated the habitat and wildlife to maximize the property’s true potential.

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