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Signature Properties: Conservation Minded. Legacy Driven.

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

There’s something magical about land.  Wide open spaces where the sky never ends, forests and fields teeming with wildlife, meandering rivers where you can float for miles.  People from all different walks of life can share a common love of the land.  Nature has a way of bringing people together.  Our passion for protecting wild places and wildlife forces us outside of ourselves and into a place of generosity and connection.  Families who spend time together outdoors share a bond unlike any other.  

Everything we do at Nature’s Eye is about rediscovering and nurturing that connection, for ourselves and others.  Our ecosystem of brands provides a comprehensive structure through which we can engage in every aspect of land ownership.  In launching our newest brand, Nature’s Eye Signature Properties, we are able to round out our services in this process.  Rather than simply buying and selling properties, we can offer guidance and implementation resources for ownership, development, and management.

With years of experience in conservation, habitat management, and property development, our expertise is unparalleled in the rural real estate industry.  We have a profound understanding of the land and the natural processes that govern it.  Our extensive knowledge of forestry and wildlife management allows us a unique perspective to discover and maximize a property’s true potential.

Signature Properties brings a Conservation Minded and Legacy Driven approach to rural real estate.  Land ownership is a lifestyle that brings out the best in us.  It’s a culture that nurtures connection to the natural world, self-sustainability, hard work, and strong family bonds. We are passionate about connecting people to a piece of property they can call their own, and pass down for generations.

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