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An Epic Earth Day Project

While everyday is Earth Day at Nature’s Eye, this past year included extraordinary projects that will leave a lifetime legacy on the land.  One we’re most proud of allowed us to  combine our purpose in conservation with the enhancement of a historic property and an abandoned tree orchard.  The idea behind the afforestation of Live Oaks on Bluebird and Cottonwood properties quickly became a must.  

There's nothing that defines a historic property in the southern United States quite like a driveway lined with stately, old growth Live Oak trees. After identifying an abandoned tree orchard and receiving the support of the landowner, we hand-selected and transplanted 70 Live Oaks to create an entryway worthy of the history of Bluebird Farm.  The selected trees will contribute to the legacy of Bluebird as it evolves into the future. The old growth tree orchard will now thrive by having less competition amongst the trees.  This vertically integrated process will leave a lasting impact on the Earth for many days to come.

Live Oaks add an evergreen aesthetic to a landscape.  Having this kind of greenery present during fall and winter, the most active season on these properties, will be appreciated by every guest that visits for decades to come.  As we celebrate Earth Day, we share this project in hopes of inspiring others to find creative ways to include more trees in their own landscapes.

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