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Duck Camp Perfected

Sometimes, things in life just work out. When a greater purpose is at play, a situation can seem almost perfect. Achieving perfection is rare, but we have been fortunate enough to cultivate what we believe to be the perfect duck camp weekend.  A few years ago, circumstances aligned in the form of acquiring the ideal waterfowl property (Cottonwood)  in an ideal location (20 minutes from downtown Dallas, Texas) where every January outdoor enthusiasts from around the world gather at the Dallas Safari Club convention.  The culmination of these circumstances is truly a lesson in serendipity.  If Cottonwood was an hour away from Dallas, it wouldn’t work.  If DSC occurred in June, it wouldn’t work.  As it is, the stars aligned providing the opportunity to craft the quintessential duck season experience and to do what we love most: foster authentic relationships while sharing the Nature's Eye culture.

DSC brings together the best folks in the outdoor industry, and we are fortunate to call many of these people friends.  Having a unique property so nearby where we can host them is truly a blessing.  We believe that by sharing this resource, we can inspire a deeper appreciation for nature in others.  A weekend of duck hunting, good food, and fellowship, this year’s event was one that we know will stick with us for years to come.

A large part of our mission is sharing the outdoors with others, and our favorite place to do that is knee deep in flooded timber with the whistle of wings overhead.  The camaraderie experienced on a duck hunt is unmatched, and the connection with nature is just as powerful.   We have found that if you stand around a campfire long enough, meaningful connections just seem to happen.  Fire brings out people’s philosophical side, and you’ll hear them muse about how the colors of the flames reflect the sunset that just faded from the sky.  These experiences motivate us more than anything else to continue our work in conservation, so that there are more places like Cottonwood where people can connect with nature and one another.


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