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One Acorn


“The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”  -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Author: Emily Courtney

A few years ago my mom gave me a decorative plaque with this quote painted on it. As a hunter, forester, wildlife biologist, and otherwise outdoor-oriented person, I found the thought to be quite inspiring and worthy of a spot on my wall. The artist who painted the plaque did not include a byline to credit anyone with the profound words, but I never found myself wondering, and therefore never researched it. Then as I recently began to construct this post to introduce our company to the blogosphere, the quote came to mind and I decided it was time to find out who first imparted these insightful words to us. I must say, I was a bit embarrassed to discover that it is one of Emerson’s most well-known quotes, and most educated people know that he’s the one who said it. I spent a few minutes playing the grammar police on Facebook to make myself feel smart again, and then proceeded to dig a little deeper into the context of the quote. Emerson wrote it in the midst of an essay espousing his thoughts on transcendentalism and other philosophical musings. If Ralph and I had a sit-down, I doubt we would see eye-to-eye on many things, but that one line tells me that he at least understood something that is at the heart of what we believe here at Nature’s Eye: creation is awesome. The incredible phenomenon that something as small and simple as an acorn can hold the potential for infinite reproduction and renewal is a testament to the masterful work of the Creator. A single acorn, or a tiny grass seed, or a speck of pollen, can multiply into all of the resources needed to sustain life. It all boils down to the simple truth that this planet’s resources were created to be renewable. For us, it’s all about encouraging that process. Our logo reflects that sentiment. The image of the leaf inside the acorn is representative of the life-renewing potential of those objects.

We are foresters and wildlife biologists by trade, and that pretty well defines what Nature’s Eye is: a professional forestry and wildlife management consulting firm. Our name refers to our desire and unique ability to see the world through “nature’s eye”; that is, to see wild places and wild things from the most intimate perspective. We pride ourselves on having the vision to see habitat the way wildlife sees it. Where most people see a powerline, we see a dove field. Where most people see a stagnant pond, we see a duck hole. The potential for habitat is everywhere, and we are dedicated to helping landowners maximize their property’s potential, while making a global impact on conservation. It may seem like a stretch to get from the last paragraph to here, but to us it’s as natural as water flowing downhill. The awe and wonder we feel at the majesty of creation drives us to be the best stewards of the land that we can be. Our aim is to find landowners who have the same deep appreciation for nature, and assist them in enhancing conservation and crafting sustainable habitat. We feel a sense of kinship with folks who love the land like we do, and we desire to build personal relationships with everyone we work with. To us, getting to know our clients and their families, learning about their goals and visions, is as important as knowing the age of their timber or the number of deer on their property. While we inevitably create close personal relationships with our clients, we also strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism. We hope that by doing so, we can help uphold the high standard of respectability set by the pioneers of our field.

Emerson probably never intended for that thought of his to be taken quite that direction, but it makes perfect sense if you look at it through nature’s eye. It all starts with an acorn, and with a little help, the possibilities are endless.

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