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Nature’s Eye Corporate Office Grand Opening

Updated: Aug 18, 2021


When we first began our journey as a company, we equated ourselves to one acorn, in kind with our logo. Indeed we were just a singular entity, doing the work that is our passion. Little did we know then that we were actually planting that one acorn as a seed that would sprout and grow into vastly branched tree of companies.  Nature’s Eye now operates as a parent company, encompassing subsidiaries ranging from property development and real estate, to media services and publication. Through our growth, we have held true north and remained focused on our vision of making the greatest impact on conservation possible, leading others to do the same by living and promoting a Nature Based Life.

As we reached this point of growth, we realized we needed a central location for our corporate office, from which each of our branches could operate. We needed to be connected to the community, Lufkin’s business and social pulse, and we found a prime space in the historic downtown district. In addition to providing a hub for our corporate operations, and a home base for community events, it will allow us to utilize our Showcase Farm property and lodge for other purposes.

Recently, we hosted a Grand Opening event at the office, in conjunction with a launch party for our merge with The Journey Magazine. Keep a lookout for a feature on the event in the November issue of the magazine, and read our journal entry on the merger here. We’re excited to share this new phase of our journey with you, and hope you’ll follow along by subscribing here and across all of our social media platforms. And of course, by stopping by to see us at our new corporate office in downtown Lufkin!

Nature’s Eye Corporate Headquarters

106 East Lufkin Avenue

Screen Shot 2018-10-23 at 11.31.08 AM

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