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Cottonwood Captures

Moments that make up a great duck season.

Another incredible duck season at Cottonwood is coming to a close. Each season is made up of little moments, and some of those moments become memories. The ones that tend to stick highlight what’s truly meaningful to us. Connections with those closest to us, and new friends alike. That one particularly stunning sunrise that you keep seeing for months whenever you close your eyes. Stories and laughs shared over good food and drink. The look on your retriever’s face as he releases a duck into your hand. Watching a new generation of waterfowlers experience the timber for the first time. These are the moments that linger, long after the straps of mallards fade. These are the moments that make it all worth it.

All photos captured by the talented Hunter Marcel, who was gracious enough to spend this season with us and help us share the Cottonwood Experience with you. To see more moments from our season, find us on Instagram at nri_cottonwood

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