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An Insider’s View of Nature’s Eye

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Brody collage

Today we have a special post written by team member Brody Capps.  He has been a technician with Nature’s Eye for almost 2 years, so we asked him to write about his experience with the company so far.  Brody is pursuing a degree in Forestry and Wildlife at Stephen F. Austin State University and is gaining hands-on experience through his position with Nature’s Eye.  We love having the opportunity to pass on knowledge and experience to students and young professionals like Brody, and we value his place on our staff.  We always enjoy hearing different perspectives on the company from all of our team members, and we hope you enjoy this one as well.  -EC

Author: Brody Capps

I began my journey with Nature’s Eye on October, 10 2013. I was still in high school so I couldn’t work full time, but Blake gave me a part time job at the Nature’s Eye Showcase Farm. Starting out, I picked up limbs in the yard, filled feeders, and cleaned equipment. I loved it! I know that may sound weird, but I honestly did.

As I grew in the company and got the opportunity to see a couple of the properties that we manage, I began to see the bigger picture. I was able to see what we stand for and how many services we offer our clients. I remember the very first property I got the chance to work on. We rolled up and he gave me a backpack sprayer, and let’s just say that backpack sprayer and I became very well acquainted. As I was spraying around the areas he showed me I started to get discouraged, and by the end of the day I was ready to just be home. Two weeks or so passed when he let me know we would be returning to the same ranch again to do a follow-up. On the way down all I could think about was the last time I went out, but I told myself to just keep working hard and see how it goes. When we got to the ranch and rode around to all the areas I had sprayed I noticed they looked ten times better than before. In that moment I was able to reflect on my hard work and how it had paid off. That was the day I came to the realization that this is what I want to do. The idea of working hard at something and seeing the fruits of your labor pay off not only set the standard for how I wanted to succeed in the company, but also in life.

As my journey continued I had the opportunity to take on more responsibility. I had the chance to go on jobs by myself. Although they were stressful at times, I feel like I learned as much if not more about my abilities as a worker and a leader. Even when things didn’t go as planned, I am grateful for the understanding that I received and still receive from my assessors.

Almost exactly a year after I started working for Nature’s Eye, Blake told me that if I wanted to, there was an elk hunt that he wanted me to guide on one of the properties. Having a great passion for the outdoors and hunting I jumped on the opportunity. Guiding took some getting used to considering that it was my first experience, and I had never even seen an elk in person. It turned out to be a great weekend though, as the hunters were able to harvest three cow elk. Since then I have been able to guide four hunts over the past year and I have to say it is one of my favorite parts of this job.

I am currently interning at H3P Ranch through a Nature’s Eye intern program. This has been a great learning experience, and I have been able to get a better grasp on everything that really goes into the company. One day I could be planting food plots and the next I could be guiding hunts. Working for Nature’s Eye has been by far the best job I have ever had. Not just because I love the work that I do, but also because of the team I have backing me up. I can always count on receiving advice and help with school as I pursue my degree in Forestry and Wildlife. Nature’s Eye has been a great company to work for and I cannot wait to see where my future in the company is headed.

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