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A Decade of Nature’s Eye

Today marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Nature’s Eye.

It has been an incredible journey, and our company has taken a path we could not have predicted. Our operations have evolved many times through the years, but we have remained committed to the original purpose and vision that led Blake to found the company ten years ago. Team members have come and gone, each one making an impact and contributing to our growth. We are grateful for every person, within the team or without, who has supported our vision and helped sustain our success through the years.

We can say without hubris that the impact Nature’s Eye has made on conservation over the last decade is staggering. We don’t keep statistics on the number of acres we’ve touched, or how many landowners we’ve written management plans for, or how many trees we’ve planted, or roads and lakes we’ve built. We measure our impact by the relationships we’ve nurtured, knowledge we’ve shared, and love for nature we’ve inspired. Hearing stories of families spending quality time together on properties we’ve managed. Seeing wildlife habitat multiply around us. Helping sustain family legacies by teaching a new generation to reap benefits from their land. We will truly never know the full extent of the ripple effect of our influence. We are nothing but humbled by and grateful for this truth.

Blake and I had a conversation earlier this year about what this milestone would mean to us, and what we wanted people to know about Nature’s Eye at this point in our history. Blake’s greatest desire is that people see what he’s built and know that it’s possible to achieve anything. He came from humble beginnings, and pursued his passion even when he didn’t know where he wanted it to lead. Once his vision became clear, to make the greatest impact on conservation of any private company, he set about making it so, and has not wavered. His hope is that our story will be an encouragement to others looking to forge their own path, and that each person who comes in contact with us will consider ways to impact conservation within their own sphere of influence.

I have learned a great deal from Blake over the years, first as a friend, then as a boss and mentor. The most impactful thing I have gleaned from watching him lead this company is perseverance. I have had the privilege of working with Nature’s Eye since it’s inception, and have witnessed every high and low. There have been so many times he could have given up. So many pivots, so many curve balls that have forced us to change course, only to realize that it led us right where we needed to be. He has persevered, trusted his vision, and trusted the process. Blake would be the last person to take credit for this, and the first to deflect praise to all of the people who have helped along the way. I would be remiss if I failed to mention his wife, Tasha. She has been a constant, steady support for the last ten years, and remains the backbone of our team.

Even now, as we reflect on a decade of service, we are continuing to grow and evolve, and busier than ever developing properties across the country for outdoor recreation and wildlife habitat. We continue to be astounded by the effect of a single acorn. Grateful for the journey, and eager to find what’s around the next bend, we remain committed to seeing the world through “nature’s eye”.

Enjoy this look back through photos, from our very first ads, to some of our most recent content.

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