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Starting Strong

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Managing habitat is a never-ending cycle. The seasons are a familiar pattern, each with its own needs for us to meet. Though expected, every iteration is a new challenge, each bringing a renewed sense of accomplishment. Much of this work is a singular play in a long game, with compounding effects that we’ll never see. But oddly, that truth makes it all the more worth it.

The first quarter of the year is always one of our busiest times, and this year was no exception.  The projects we complete during this season set the foundation for further management throughout the year, and are often some of the first steps in a long-term development plan.  The specific timing required for most of these projects makes it crucial to hit the ground running in January.  The window of opportunity for prescribed burning and tree planting is short, and capitalizing on it can make a huge difference in the advancement of a property’s development.  Timing is also critical for establishing new wood duck boxes, or performing maintenance on existing ones, to make sure they are ready for nesting season.

Many other tasks fill our days during this season, and help us prepare for the tasks of the coming months. 

This is the routine of property development and management; work that is constantly compounding and building on itself, along with the continual rotation of maintenance.  Stepping into this rhythm makes you feel like an active participant in the natural cycles that we often take for granted.

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