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Grow Where You’re Planted

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

We have a saying at Nature’s Eye to “grow where you’re planted.” It’s a guiding principle that harkens back to our roots in a literal sense, of planting an acorn that will grow into a mighty oak. The deeper meaning, however, is more figurative and can refer to any aspect of life, from spirituality, to family and friend relationships, to business. We plant seeds in all of these areas of our lives, and the more we put into them, the more they can grow into something that can be impactful and leave a legacy after we are gone; much like an oak tree. We have been so fortunate to be able to share this journey with people who identify with the same culture and exude the same passion. We are all cut from the same cloth to live a nature based life.

Over the past 17 months, The Journey Magazine and Nature’s Eye teams have worked side-by-side sharing the stories and culture of East Texas through the pages of The Journey Magazine. Beginning with the October 2018 issue, the Nature’s Eye and Journey teams have merged in a collaborative effort to bring you a fresh, new look in The Journey Magazine. The strength and beauty of The Journey Magazine has grown out of the communities we call home, and we draw our greatest inspiration from our hometown roots. Through this new venture, our vision is to bring our stories to an even broader audience, and to bring even more of the world to the pages of the magazine. This collaboration is also bringing a new strength to the Nature’s Eye Media team. We’re not only excited to share a nature based lifestyle magazine with you, but to also offer media services to help you plant seeds and grow where you’re planted.  You can read the official press release about the merger here.

This new chapter has also allowed us the opportunity to update our online presence. You can now find us at This is our home base where you will find links to all of our brands and subsidiary websites, as well as this journal.

Another exciting piece of news, the merged teams will operate from the new Nature’s Eye Corporate Office in downtown Lufkin, Texas. Watch for the journal entry on that coming soon!

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