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A Nature Based Life

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

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Author: Emily Courtney

A few days ago we launched a video that is to be the first in a new series we will be filming and sharing throughout the year. The series, titled “A Nature Based Life”, will follow Nature’s Eye through each season and the different habitat management activities associated with them. It will also depict the personal lifestyle that we refer to as “a nature based life”. This concept is exemplified by those of us who seek to share the most intimate relationship possible with Mother Nature; a relationship founded on reverence for her grandeur, respect for her power, gratitude for her provision, and commitment to her preservation. Individuals from all walks share this common attitude and approach to life. We want to use the resources she provides in their purest form. We cut out the middleman by hunting, growing gardens, or using solar energy. We strive to use only what we need and give back more than we take. We walk through life with dirt under our fingernails and mud on our boots. We provide for our families from nature’s bounty, and teach our children exactly where it all comes from. We spend our free time exploring and enjoying wild places, and find our greatest solace in that escape. Every aspect of our lives is rooted in the natural world.

This lifestyle isn’t a trend to follow or a movement to join. It’s a feeling in your gut, a seed rooted deep in your soul that can’t be pulled out. If the feeling is there you can’t deny it, but you also can’t fake it. Our goal is not only to share this lifestyle, but to encourage it; in our generation and the next.

There are endless variations of ways to live a nature based life, and what we depict through our videos may not look like yours. Each individual’s interpretation may be a little different, but if we can bring people together through this common concept, we believe it can have a powerful impact.

As we share these videos and other content around this theme, we want to hear from you about what your nature based life looks like. Engage with us here, on our social media accounts, and on YouTube where the videos will be posted. If you haven’t already, head over there and check out the first video in the series, “Carrying the Torch for Wildlife”. You can find all of our links in the footer menu.

We hope you enjoy following along with us on this journey, and can find some inspiration and encouragement along the way.

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