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Updated: Aug 18, 2021

2020 was a year of challenges. We all battled difficult obstacles and faced many common struggles. As a business, we were challenged in new ways that provided opportunities to learn and grow. Nature’s Eye was fortunate to hold our own through the trials of last year, and continue on the growth trajectory that has come to be our norm. We proved yet again that our team can overcome anything that is thrown our way. It is not lost on us how blessed we are to have had a growth year under the difficult circumstances of 2020, and we are beyond humbled and grateful to still be going strong. We launched two new brands last year, the Showcase Farm and Signature Properties, and had strong years for both, hosting many successful hunts and acquiring and selling multiple development properties. We were able to employ people in our community who had lost jobs, and continue doing business with local contractors and suppliers who needed the work more than ever. Inwardly, many members of our team conquered tremendous career goals and moved into new roles, helping to further our mission and strengthen all of our brands. With such tremendous blessings comes the responsibility to use them well, and we have worked diligently to make the most of our opportunities and resources. While it is never our goal to boast, or be insensitive to those in different circumstances, we feel it is important to share successes, particularly in such a time as this when positive outcomes seem rare and hope is stretched thin.

Here are some of our favorite photos and shots from meaningful projects of 2020. We’re eager to make the most of the opportunity 2021 brings.

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